Fit As Complete Solution

Mobile data input system, desktop reporting tool, gamified fitness app to end user

Part 1 – Data Collection

FitAs is a world leader in tackling childhood obesity. Each year testers would go to primary schools in Australia to measure students fitness across 5 key points at the start of the first term and again in the fourth term.

Data was manually written on paper, then manually input into a spreadsheet taking days at a time to accurately input. The results of this were then manually input into a doc to create a results graph, then exported and emailed to the schools. So much manual work…

We developed a mobile web app that allows a tested to click on a school class which will populate with all students automatically with their details. Through simple sliders and buttons, data input takes a matter of seconds and is automatically uploaded to cloud storage removing any chance of data loss.

fit as app development and gamification

Part 2 – Reporting

As the data in now automated in realtime, we developed a series of dashboards to display the data in meaningful ways. Teachers are given access to their schools data to see and utilise as they see fit.

The Complete dashboard shows all the schools and high level data among different student groups across all participating schools.

The School dashboard shows how that particular school is doing across its grades compared to the average and itself.

The Student dashboard shows a particular students results along with the recommended actions the student needs to be classified as healthy and fit. This report can then be downloaded as a pdf.

web reports development

Part 3 – Gamification

Still in development, the final phase involves creation of a mobile app that can record students personal progression, and reward them for exercising and staying fit.

By gamifying the process, students are incentivised to exercise and can share their achievements with other.

fit as app development and gamification