Blue Volcano is a Sydney-based studio specialising in Gaming, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and digital experiences. Our projects stand out from the pack for their user immersion and high-level creativity.

Founded in 2014 with a gaming focus, Blue Volcano has since broadened its scope to include the development of stunning technological experiences for a range of settings. We utilise a variety of existing and developing technologies and software, including Unity 3D, to create customized products that achieve client goals and create a satisfying end-user experience.

Recent projects have included an augmented reality gamified experience aimed at major sporting event attendees, interactive touch screens for museum exhibitions showcased in Australia and internationally and app development for a McDonald’s marketing activation. See more about these, and our games, in the projects and games portfolios below.

If you’re interested in a unique and tailored technology solution, we’re excited to work with you. Get in touch today to tell us about your ideas.

Blue Volcano Studio

Sydney Based Development Studio


Our games focus on three core concepts; a singular creative idea, immersive graphics and a unique gameplay experience. From the serious game exploring the rise of fake information during a pandemic, the playful tone and logic based puzzle game, Side Decide, to the simultaneously spooky and fun tone of Virtual Reality game, Ready, Aim, Splat! our games consistently deliver a one of a kind player experience.



Serious Game teaching how to navigate the lies of a pandemic


Side Decide

Simple, but not so…


Ready, Aim, Splat! VR

Let’s sling some VR veggies


Some of our projects from a range of platforms including virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive installations.


James Cameron’s Challenging the Deep

Touch screen interactive for the Australian National Maritime Museum

VR Experience

Krait VR

Showing the story of WWII mission Operation Jaywick

VR Experience

Maccas Farm to Table VR

Go behind the burger to the farms that supply the produce to the biggest burger chain

AR Concept

NFL AR Concept

Gamify live sport through Augmented Reality


Maccas Monopoly

Mini game development and implementation

Web and App


Complete solution form mobile data capture app, web app to display data and feeding into consumer app for gamification

Web App

Glam Cam

Try on virtual lashes from the comfort of you phone

Game Porting

Bubble Pop

Unity port of the educational game


We can work with you to develop concepts using multi-disciplinary tools to achieve your goals. Our team is highly proficient in a variety of existing and developing technologies and software, including Unity 3D, that can create a customized product applicable across any number of industries.


VR/AR\MR Development

Let us build your next amazing experience


Unity Development

We are certified Unity developers for over 10 years


Web Development

We develop using latest web technologies to get the result you need