NFL AR Proof of Concept


In conjunction with Arival, we were tasked with finding an a way to gamify sport data in a fun and new way. NFL was chosen as it presents a huge amount of stats as well as enough breaks in play to allow users to enjoy the app without missing any of the live on screen action.

The concept was prototyped using Unity 3D, allowing rapid iteration and testing of ideas before going to a closed test group for Superbowl LII. Using your mobile device, you could augment a virtual field and stadium upon which all plays were shown in near real-time in a dynamic and novel way. Points were awarded for correctly predicting the outcome of a drive – weather it would be a touchdown, field goal or other result. On top of this were modifiers such as who would score, from where on the field, and more that added to your point tally. These points were used to show your skill on a leaderboard and prizes were allocated to the top players.